About Us

Aggregating and analyzing market data is a full time job. We filter out the noise, and glean relevant, actionable intelligence so that our clients don’t have to. Generic information is useless. We only deliver the information relevant to your unique business profile. Whether it’s custom pricing, supplier analysis, market monitoring, or regulatory oversight, we push the information you need, when you need to know.

Negotiating price is our main objective...  However, there are many other factors in determining the best overall value for each client’s energy consumption to help create a strategy tailored to your needs.   Today businesses are faced with complex challenges that require a knowledgeable and trusted energy consultant to provide insight into your organization to make informed decisions.   Our goal is to assist companies of all sizes in mitigating the volatility in the energy markets. We offer a unique approach to understanding procurement, risk management, and monitoring through continuous research and communication.   Our experience and market knowledge will help reduce your energy costs and deliver a successful outcome to your bottom line.